Our services


Our residence looks out for the well-being of all our students, so we provide top quality services and the latest technology to ensure their comfort and convenience.

Our services include our sports facilities, laundry rooms and fully equipped common areas. A campus where our residents can feel at home.

WIFI in every room

All our rooms and common areas have WiFi to make it even easier for our residents to study.


The residence has laundry rooms with coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers. These rooms are available for all the residents to use.

Short stays

To suit the needs of all our residents, we also offer the option of staying in our residences for shorter periods, so you can enjoy our facilities for just a few days if necessary.

Good environment for study

Our residences are designed to provide an environment which encourages study, with no curfews or time restrictions. You can go in and out of the residence whenever you want.

Private Parking

Our residents can consult the conditions for requesting a place in our private car park.