In a few days, it will be two months since the online classes started. And although some of you have done some training in the past exclusively through the internet, we will all agree that these are not "simple" online classes, this is much more. In fact, it is an extraordinary situation, for all that it entails for our daily life. That's why, from the Micampus Residences, we want to give you some advice to get along better and get the most out of your classes and study hours.

Establish a routine

Get out of the pajamas! The first thing we recommend is that you prepare and dress yourself, as if you were going to physically attend class. Dressing is essential to maintain the basic structure of the day and a great mental health habit.

In addition, one of the good things about having a fixed schedule of online classes is that you will have to be in front of your computer during those hours, which will allow you to create a fixed routine and will help you to organize both the hours you study at the university and your leisure time from Monday to Friday.

Create your space 10

It is very important to configure a space. If possible exclusively for studying and being during the classes. Having a place just for that, will help you to disconnect the moment you finish your homework and get out of it.

Your table should be as clean and clear as possible. All you need is your computer, notes and your case. Forget about any decoration or elements that might distract you.

If you are with family members, they should know your class and study schedules, so that they will bother you as little as possible.

But if, on the contrary, you are still in one of the Micampus residence halls all over Spain, you will have the study rooms, as well as your own room, where you will be able to study at your own pace without anyone else bothering you. They have been designed to allow you to work in the most comfortable way, with a great deal of natural light and without any distractions.

These measures will allow you to be much more productive during the time you apply to your study.

Take a breath.

Just as it is necessary to establish class and study times, it is also necessary to know that you need your breaks. You can take the same breaks as at the university for reference. You have to find a balance. If you don't get enough rest, you'll lose your concentration and your brain will wear itself out faster, but if you get too much rest, it will be harder for you to concentrate and study again. Another option is to go out and clear your head (within the time slots set by the government, depending on your age), either by taking a walk, running or riding your bike. Some fresh air is always good for you.

Technology strip

Thanks to the technological times in which we live, we have a great variety of tools and Apps at our disposal, which can help us take advantage of this situation.

As you know, there are many free applications to communicate with your classmates and teachers, but in case you missed one, we suggest you do: Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or even the virtual classroom itself, if you have a choice at your university.

But if you want to take a step up in the world of work organisation apps, we recommend Asana.

A tool to manage your tasks and projects, which will help you to organize your work in groups in a collaborative way, thanks to its dashboards and planner, so you can create all the work lists you want.

And since it's not all going to be about studying, we're taking advantage of this section to suggest that you also use the apps to disconnect and meet up with your friends via the screen, with HouseParty or catch up on your favorite shows on HBO, Netflix, etc. Want more ideas? Visit our blog: "How to enjoy the quarantine days to the fullest" (insert link to next blog) and discover all we have for you.