The best secret to learning languages is, without a doubt, to follow the philosophy of one who considers himself an apprentice of everything and a master of nothing. This is the only way to leave room in the mind for new things. Learning a language from scratch is ideal in the summer, as you enjoy free time to practice it with people and even be able to travel. But it is also a good time to continue improving in those languages you have already started.

At Micampus Spain residences we believe that learning a language opens doors to new friends and new experiences. It is important to incorporate it little by little into your day-to-day life, so we bring you some advice.

  1. Series and movies. Sounds like a cliché, but it's not. Putting your favorite series or movie in the original version will help you more than you think. Turn on the subtitles! You'll be hooked and won't want to watch it any other way.
  2. The music. Start with the ones you already know. Those songs you've always sung in free style, improvising and humming. It's time for you to look for the lyrics and finally find the meaning. Then choose a new song, learn the lyrics and you'll be much more pro this summer.
  3. Mobile apps. There are thousands of apps that help you with languages every day, even translating restaurant menus. Find the one you like best. It's personal and it's meant to help you. To improve your pronunciation, there are apps that give you the option of listening to the words you're looking for. Repeating these new sounds can not only be fun, but also educate your mouth and your brain. It can also be more useful than you might think to follow a person (sportsman, influencer, or actor) who is a foreigner on social networks. Seeing and hearing their posts can also help your hearing.
  4. A book. This is playing in another league, but if you've been getting introduced to a language for years, a book might be a good idea this summer. Maybe a book you already know the plot or context of can help you. Underline the words that make you hesitate and at the end of the chapter look them up. I'm sure it will all make much more sense later!
  5. News. If you are one of those people who like to be informed about everything that is happening in the world and have newspaper apps on your mobile, consulting a digital newspaper in the language you are studying could help you improve your vocabulary.

If you put these tips into practice, we are sure that you will arrive next year at the Micampus Residences speaking very differently. Maybe it will allow you to approach new groups of Erasmus friends or consider new professional options. Who knows? Incorporate them into your life and you will learn every day without having to study.