Everybody knows who Banksy is. Well, I'm lying. We know what he does, but we don't really know his identity. There are many theories about who this urban art referent is. But we haven't come here to talk about these theories, but to tell you some curiosities about Banksy that you probably didn't know:

  1. He shredded one of his best-known works, "Girl with Balloon", after it was auctioned. This was not only "a creative impulse", but also a reason to protest the auction. In addition, after filming the shredding process, he exhibited the shredded work in its corresponding frame, the work fetching $1.3 million.
  2. He created his own temporary theme park, Dismaland, defining it as "unsuitable for children" and whose translation means "depressing land". This is an ironic criticism of Disneyland, as can be seen in its logo.
  3. Banksy has his own hotel in Palestine, in front of the West Bank wall, where he shows his drawings as a way of denouncing the Israeli occupation and in solidarity with the Palestinian people. This hotel also has paintings by other artists.
  4. He created a masthead for The Simpsons in which he criticized 20th Century Fox for outsourcing a significant portion of the show's production to South Korea. 
  5. Did you know that Banksy's parents don't know what he does for a living? This is what he confessed in an interview to The Guardian, in which he said "they still don't know what I do". Such is the success achieved that brands like Nike had offered him projects, but he turned them down.
  6. He was nominated for an Oscar for his documentary 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. In it, he appears talking to the camera, but always with his face completely dark.
  7. Time magazine chose him as one of the 100 most influential people of 2010. Banksy trolled this magazine by appearing with a paper bag on his head. 
  8. Although Banksy rejects commercial art, he once made the cover of Blur's album 'Think Thank' because, as he has stated more than once, "it was a good album and included a good amount of money as a commission". 
  9. To make it known that the artwork is his, he uploads all of them to his Instagram account @banksy.


After these curiosities, we tell you the name of the technique Banksy uses: the stencil, which consists of applying aerosol paint on a given template, thus introducing the image. Once the paint has been applied, the stencil is removed and the desired drawing remains. It sounds simple, but reaching Banksy's level is complicated. 

As an anecdote, Banksy started using these stencils because when he was 18 years old he tried to paint a phrase on a passenger train with two of his mates. Then the police arrived. They had time to get to the car and disappear, but Banksy had to hide under a truck with motor oil dripping on it, as he has told on occasion. "While I was there, I realized I had to cut my painting time in half. Then I saw that the gas tank of the truck's engine had stenciled letters on it and realized that I could simply copy that style and make each letter three feet bigger."

Did you know all these curiosities about one of the great references of urban art?