Now that you're on your exams, you should be careful about anxiety or depression. These diseases are very present in Generation Z, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Seventy percent of the participants believe that depression and anxiety is what worries this generation the most.
One of the main reasons for anxiety in Generation Z may lie in the pressure they have to obtain an excellent academic record. According to the British magazine The Economist, members of this generation seem more concerned about getting high marks. Nine out of ten respondents feel this pressure because of their parents' reaction if they don't get good grades in their studies.

This demand can be seen, above all, in South Korea, where it has been increasing in recent decades. Depression and anxiety in these countries is very high due to the strong academic demand that exists. They are only engaged in studying and memorizing, competing to be the best in class. This competition and these levels of stress and anxiety are not at all healthy, so you know, study, but never cross this line.

Although another cause of this anxiety or depression may be social networks. The reason is that they isolate them and, moreover, through them they are much more exposed to bullying, they can attack themselves more easily. Therefore, more than half of the participants in this study indicate that bullying is one of the main problems today.

And not only that, but they can also base their happiness on the number of likes they have in their publications or by the number of followers. Or on wishing for an ideal life like that of the influencers. This can generate a lot of anxiety and frustration.

This way, we don't want you to become a social media obsessive and base your happiness on them. Also, don't be obsessed with getting the best grades in class, study as much as you can, but also make time for yourself, to do activities that you like and that fill you up and to take care of your mental health. It's essential!

Good luck with the exams!