The time of exams, those fearsome months that not only go uphill, but also seem totally endless. Those months when the only plan you can make is to study, when in reality, anything else, sounds much more appealing. But there you are, rocking it like there's no tomorrow. Because studying is a must if you want to become a good professional in your sector.

What is certain is that there are things you should know when it comes to getting ready for the time of intensive study. So, whether you're new to college or have been around for a while, but still haven't found your sure-fire way, here are a few tips from the first year of college.

Look at those notes.

The first thing you must learn is to differentiate which notes are good for your exam and which are less clear or effective. It depends a lot on your career and the type of exam, but finding good notes (you make them or they pass them on to you) is crucial. The sooner you have them planned the better, so that before the exam you don't get the feeling that you're being asked about something that isn't in your notes and that you're getting overwhelmed. Scares before the exam, no thanks.

Monthly and Weekly Plan

Even in ancient Chinese culture there was talk of planning as the key to... Just kidding! Although maybe that stuff about getting organized for exams does sound Chinese to you. It's a learning experience, but listen to us on this and you'll see how feeling alive on exams is compatible. We don't want you to be the "I work much better under pressure" type, because at some point you get overwhelmed and we don't want that. Make a planing at sight, organize it by subjects and subjects of the exams you have. Set weekly days when you will be able to clear your head by playing sports or meeting a friend. Even a 30-minute walk before dinner each day can make you feel great.

Sleep well

This one, it's all a vicious circle. What would you say goes before, not being able to study because you sleep badly? Or, sleeping badly because of studying? There are those who don't manage to sleep at night because of the anxiety generated by the exam time, and there are also those who don't manage to reach all the phases of sleep, causing them to be not totally rested and therefore, their brain is more lazy when it comes to receiving new information. What is clear, is that there is a direct link between sleep and study, so do not ignore it. One thing that can help you slow down before you go to sleep is to relax. Well, and maybe lowering your daily dose of coffee wouldn't be so bad either.

Study makes you hungry

Keep an eye on this too. We've always been told not to snack between meals, and although it may be true, the reality is that, studying, whether out of boredom or anxiety, many people snack 24/7. But don't worry, because there are foods that you can eat that will not only make your palate happy, but will also make your brain jump for joy. For example, nuts, pure cocoa, blueberries and bananas. They have been proven to improve memory and reduce stress. And we don't say it, science says it. Little word that this is a hand of a saint.

That said, we can wish you little more than good luck from MiCampus Residence Hall. Don't give up on the laziest days, organize yourself well, and in case of emergency and being about to explode, (while it is allowed), go for a walk, take a breath and as always said: "more tomorrow". The "and better" part we leave in your hands. Lots of encouragement!