The college years are filled with great friendships, acquaintances and forever memories, making college life one of the best times, if not 'the best'. 

During university life, you meet a lot of people, either because you are in the same dorm or because you meet in classes, events, parties, etc., and you find a group in which you fit in perfectly, having a great friendship. But the last year of your degree comes and you wonder if, once you finish uni, you are going to see your friends as much as you do now. The idea is that you will, even if it's only on weekends. However, the reality is different. 

Some of you will move to another city or even another country, some of you will have long working days and some of you will meet new people as you start new studies. Therefore, you will not be at the same point as before graduation, since you always said that you would live together or very close to each other so you could see each other, you planned different trips, you would see each other at least once a week, etc. 

And, in addition, priorities can change as you get older because you have more responsibilities and you make a selection of who you want to spend your time with because you can't keep up with them. What's more, even though we're a 100% digital generation, you're still likely to gradually lose touch with your friends, even through social media.

However, we advise you not to lose these friendships, especially those with whom you have built a great bond as they are always a strong support. Although it happens in many cases, we don't want you to distance yourself from your great friendships. That's why, even if you find it difficult to combine your work or other studies with keeping in touch with your friends from university, it is possible to make time to call or send a message to those friends you miss so much. Make that plan you had in your head before you finished university.

Building and maintaining a friendship is one of the most important investments you will ever make in your life. And, although it may be costly and take time and effort, the emotions you feel and what you experience with those friendships are worth it. You have shared your university years with them, anecdotes, exams, hours in the library, parties...

So when you sit down with them at a table to remember all those anecdotes and catch up, you'll think, why didn't I do that before?