The truth is that we were very excited to arrive in Bilbao and be able to welcome you in one of the cities with the most character and charm in Spain, which has universities of great national and international prestige. Next, we are going to tell you about the wonders of living in this city and of course about our new facilities, for those of you who are thinking of coming and for those of you who still have doubts. Here we go!

Key points

We always advise that the most beautiful thing when you arrive in a city is to get lost in its streets, but if you want to get to the point, we leave you the main points of interest for all those who arrive in the city for the first time.

  • The Funicular: Located in the district of Castaños, it is a perfect way to see the city from the heights.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña: It is the sanctuary of the Mother of God of Begoña, patron saint of the manor of Biscay. An incredible temple that will leave you without words.

  • Etxebarria Park: The largest park in the city, it is located in the district of Begoña, and has a large brick fireplace, reminiscent of the old steel foundry.

  • Guggenheim: The iconic contemporary art museum designed by Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry located in the town of Bilbao. With a total area of 24,000 m² and 19 gallery rooms.


It's not all going to be about studying

As we know that you are not only coming to study a career, but also to live the experience to the fullest, we have consulted our most reliable sources and will recommend the best areas for you to live the university experience to the fullest with your new Kuadrilla.

  • Casco viejo and Bilbao la vieja: The 7 streets of Bilbao are next to Bilbao la vieja, one of the areas that cannot be missed in any day plan, to enjoy the traditional Bilbao pintxo-pote and go from tavern to tavern.

  • Muelle de Ripa: The most modern area of the city next to the estuary, perfect place as an alternative to other places to enjoy the party.

  • Muelle Marzana: A mythical place for any citizen of Bilbao, resurfaced with time and once again on the rise. Different from the rest, where you can breathe a more modern and alternative air.



The perfect place

And now we open the doors of Micampus Bilbao, so that you can learn all the details of your future university residence, where you will live hundreds of stories that you will remember forever. Do you want to know what awaits you? Get ready.

In an area of Bilbao just a stone's throw from the Casco Viejo and next to the main university campuses.

273 single rooms, 4 room models, with wifi, equipped kitchen, private bathroom and hot-cold air conditioning. Different characteristics for all tastes. However, in all of them you will find a modern design, the best furniture and atmosphere to study and do all your work.

Let's go to the common areas: Reception and security during the 24h, the "focus room" where you can study and get your university degree with grades, the "fit room" to keep you in shape.

A solarium where you can get some air and enjoy the view, you will also find a space where you can watch movies, and play games to disconnect with your fellow resi and, finally, "el txoco", a space where you can enjoy a common kitchen, dining room, vending machines and cafeteria.

Anything else? Yes, we have a promotion to enjoy your new university life Micampus Bilbao, for much less.

Don't think twice about it and be one of the lucky ones to reserve every student's dream now at an unbeatable price. Hop in! I'll see you at the river.