Take a breath... and breathe. The air that reaches us in summer seems different, more natural, purer and above all, freer.

You've already finished one more year of college, maybe the last or first of a whole stage. But now inhale and disconnect. You can finally surround yourself with those friends you only see at this time of year. Now it's time to do all those things you'll remember with the typical nostalgic phrase "the good life...".

The good life is that which you live with your loved ones, in a special place or, on the contrary, in the most ordinary place, that which is made special by company. The good life is that which is created by plans, by those you organize and by those that arise and end up being the best thing of the whole summer.

Everyone has that friend who likes to organize plans and you know what they say... if you don't have it, it's you. But just in case, here are a few must-haves for this summer:

  • Chase the sun. A sunset, a beer and good company, whether at a lake, on the beach or in the mountains. If you are an early riser, there are incredible sunrises that will surprise you, but you will be one of the few who will enjoy it at those hours! Anyway, a good sunset will make anyone's day better.
  • Get in the car, play music, roll down the windows, and sing your favorite songs. I'm sure this is the kind of moment that will produce your summer song. No matter where you go, or if you're walking around your neighborhood, sing, and enjoy the moment.
  • Nap or Party? In Spain there are very good customs, for example, the terraces, the vermouths, or the typical "let's have a drink..." but if something is totally indisputable, it is the siesta. That word that when translated loses its meaning. A meal and lying down in the soft summer breeze. The days are longer and require a lot of energy, so it never hurts to take a break to continue enjoying what is coming.
  • The best recommendation, without a doubt, is to take advantage of nature, wherever you are. Open Maps and look for beaches, lakes, greenways, or walks that are around your area. You are sure to discover magical places that will surprise you. It will be your new secret place to take your favorite people.

Enjoy it, make the most of it, make the most of this summer, do what you've been putting off all year. Fill your hands with good moments and come back to Micampus Residences to share all your experiences with your friends. Maybe next summer you will organize that trip together, who knows? What unites university residences, nothing separates them. Advantages of living in a dormitory.