If you name your crush more than your best friend of the resi, but you don't know the origin of this word... we are doing something wrong! That's why today we want to tell you about its origin and... while we're at it, give you a few tips to conquer it when Christmas comes around.

The word crush comes from the English and, if you translate this word into Spanish, it means to crush, crush or fail. In other words, it has nothing to do with its meaning in English, which is defined as an impossible, unattainable love. Or what the boomers know as platonic love.

 After knowing the origin of the word crush, and now that you have separated from him or her, we want to give you some tips to conquer him or her at the return of Christmas:

  • Try to get close to him if you can find the time, but... watch out! Without scaring him. 
  • Research his tastes, but don't stall too much.
  • Once you've taken these steps, keep a confident attitude, even if you're shaking like a custard inside. 
  • Another very important piece of advice related to the previous one is to always look him in the eye. That way he will see that you are a confident person. 
  • Don't forget to be yourself! Show yourself as you are, kind and friendly.
  • And the most important advice: don't put him on a pedestal either and praise him as if he were a God, that's what Bad Bunny is for.

And if even with this advice he doesn't listen to you... Get rid of him! Better crushes will come... or not.