When you don't have classes in the afternoon it's quite easy for the nap to last longer than usual and when you want to realize, you've lost the whole afternoon and it's already dinner time. You keep telling yourself that tomorrow you'll do something productive, but that doesn't usually happen... Don't worry! Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your afternoons off.

1.Organize the week.

Yes, I know it's complicated, but if you organize the work during the week you can spend some afternoons doing the things you really like. There's time for everything!

2.Practice some physical activity.

It is important to do some sport, if your thing is to run, go out and investigate new places. Or just do yoga in a park. The gym is always an option and if you like to play in a team, then sign up. You have a thousand options, so move your ass!

3.Stimulates creativity

A cinema, an exhibition, a book, or a museum, anything that motivates you is welcome. And for the more creative, why not paint or compose something. You always talk to your friends about how much you want to get that project off the ground, don't think twice about it, do it!

4.Learn languages

You've been resisting English for some time, or perhaps you feel like learning German or Italian. It's always a good time to learn and think that it will be one less barrier when it comes to leaving Erasmus or simply travelling to that country you so much want to know.

5.Games with your friends

No, I'm not talking about the Parcheesi or yes... each. There are plenty of fun games to play any afternoon, from mimicry to paper word guessing. A play, or a game of tennis on the wii. It's always cool to escape!


Now you have no excuse, so apply these tips and stop taking two-hour naps.