The day has come... You've chosen a career, you've been accepted into uni. That means you're going to have to leave your city and your home. Now, that's when a whole range of possibilities open up for you to choose where you're going to spend the best years of your life. From Residencias Micampus, we are going to tell you about the advantages of living in a residence; living with us for a while.


You may have considered the option of living in a student flat, but you will never have as much contact with people outside the university as in a residence hall. Whether sharing a room or laughing in our common areas, those great moments will allow you to make great friends, regardless of career, age or gender.

One student 10

Living in one of the Micampus residence halls makes it much easier for you to study, even at those times when you don't feel like it. In fact, it's as easy as getting out of bed and getting on with it, thanks to the desks you'll find in your room. Plus, you'll have plenty of study areas where you can choose to study alone or with your friends.

Residence 5 forks

Cooking is cool, but getting it done and having it on the table is another level. In the Micampus residence halls, you can eat well in all their dining rooms, where you can choose from all kinds of menus, rich, healthy and nutritious and do not worry if you are a vegan or celiac, as we also have special menus that you will surely repeat. But if you prefer, they also have a kitchen in the studio itself so you can start being a real cook.

All clean and tidy

The good thing about living in Micampus, is that you will have the comforts of home, but at your own pace. All our residences have room cleaning and laundry service, so that your room is clean and shiny and you are impeccable. So that you only have to worry about the other important things.

The assurance of feeling good

With us you can always be at ease. Access to the facilities is exclusively for our residents, a space where everyone knows each other and you can feel safe and at home, because like many residents and ex-residents, we are a big family and everyone takes care of everyone.

Unusual areas

Among many of our spaces, we have all kinds of common areas, to make your life much easier and more entertaining: libraries, cardio and crossfit rooms, dining room, leisure and game areas, laundry room, parcel service. Spaces and services that make the difference between a good life and a great life Micampus style.

One step away from Micampus

In short, opting for Micampus España residence halls is the best choice you can make to make the most of your university years and enjoy the privileges, services and experiences that you will remember forever.

So don't think twice about it and start enjoying it now, the best time of your life. Book your place at Micampus.