Campus Universitario Teatinos - Residencia Confort San Carlos

Conexión Wifi

WiFi is available in all rooms and common areas

Multi-purpose lounge

TV, Movistar Plus, vending machines, microwave, newspapers, oven, etc.


We have surveillance cameras in the common areas of the residence.


The residence has laundry rooms with coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers. These rooms are available for all the residents to use.


We offer a repair service for anything that goes wrong in the rooms and common areas.

Good environment for study

Our residences are designed to provide an environment which encourages study, with no curfews or time restrictions. You can go in and out of the residence whenever you want.

Our rooms

To suit the preferences of each resident, we have several types of room to cater to different needs.

The best services

University Apartments malaga
University Apartments malaga

Contact us

Residencia Universitaria Campus Confort San Carlos

+34 952310032

C/Corregidor Nicolás Isidro nº1429007- Málaga


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