Residencia Burjassot - Campus Universitario Burjassot


WiFi is available in all rooms and common areas

Private parking

Our residents can consult the conditions for requesting a place in our private car park.

Good environment for study

Our residences are designed to provide an environment which encourages study, with no curfews or time restrictions. You can go in and out of the residence whenever you want.

Lunch and dinner service

Every day from Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner service is available to our residents in our canteen.

Common areas

There is a multi-purpose lounge with a games area (ping-pong table and table football), vending machines, digital TV, Movistar Plus, and computers for everybody to use.

Shopping centre

There is a shopping district nearby with every kind of establishment.

Our rooms

To suit the preferences of each resident, we have several types of room to cater to different needs.

The best services

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residencias estudiantes valencia sala de recreo

Contact us

Residencia Campus Confort Burjassot

+34 963160092

Av.1º de Mayo,11 acc
46100 Burjassot ( Valencia)

What our residents say