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Group 203 - MEC Grants

MEC Grants

At micampus residences we want to give you the best service, and for this reason, here you will find information about the MEC grants for your Bachelor's and Master's degree studies.

What are the MEC grants?

The MEC scholarships are financial grants awarded by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to support education in Spain.


Group 229 - MEC Grants

Steps to follow


If you have any doubts while you are filling in the form, you can consult the explanatory video.

Date of application

From 9 August to 15 October 2021.


Group 241 - MEC Grants

Do not leave your application until the last day because you may be asked to attach documentation and you will need some time to prepare it.

Always apply for the scholarship within the deadline, even if the enrolment period for the studies you are interested in has not yet opened.

Group 242

Amount of benefit


Amount in euro

Tuition grant

It will include the amount of the credits for which you are enrolling for the first time.

By household income

1.700 €

For change of residence
during the school year

1.600 €

For academic excellence

50 € - 125 €

Resolution of the scholarships

It shall be published in the BOE and shall be issued within six months, calculated from the time when the Ministry has all the necessary information, for the award of the variable amount. The established amount will be paid 45 days after the resolution.

Important information

Therefore, we recommend that you keep these deadlines in mind and check your notifications frequently until your grant is resolved. You can also consult the expiredsection.

Finally, we would like you to know that at micampus residences, we are at your disposal to resolve any doubts that may arise during the process.