Information for parents

micampus residences was born on May 23, 2000 with the vocation
to compensate for a lack of quality product that provides comfort
and security to parents when they send their children for the first time
away from home.

Our first residence opened in September 2004 at
Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville. And from there we have continued
growing over the years. Today more than 100 professionals
make up the staff of micampus residences, we are the second largest operator
operator in Spain and we get up every morning
wanting to do things a little better.

The priority of all team members is
the well-being and health of our residents. We want them to feel
as safe and happy as they do at home.

What is important
in the residences

What is important in the residences micampus?

Group 138 - Parents' section

Having provided homes for students for 18 years,
knows what students want and need. We also know
that every student is different. We know that college is not
always simple. But we also believe that with the right support and environment
, students can successfully navigate through the lows and highs
of this exciting, sometimes challenging time.

For us the Micampus experience is developed around 3
big pillars:

Micampus environment

It's very exciting the first day of college. It's the first time
that students interact outside of the home. And the experience
tells us that happiness and maximum academic performance is achieved if
the living environment is right.

Micampus is when you need it

Micampus is when
you need it

College is usually the first contact with independent living
for your children. And no doubt at Micampus we think it is good that
young people make their lives without interference from us. But there may be times
where you need help or at least the assurance
that we are available if you need it. Detecting these situations and
responding is one of our main commitments.

Group 159 - Parents' section

Security and trust

There is always someone available for our residents, or for parents
. The Residence Directors and their team are committed
to caring for the students as if they were their own family.

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