The university degrees with the highest cut-off marks 2023

02 May 2024 | University life

The selectividad is getting closer every day and many students are waiting for the cut-off mark to enter the university degrees they want. But which degrees have the highest marks?

In this article we will tell you about some of them. We will also mention some of the most prestigious universities so that you can include them in your list of preferences.

What is the cut-off mark and how is it assessed?

The cut-off mark is the score that the university will ask for to admit prospective students to each degree programme. They can vary by a few tenths of a point from one year to another and, in some cases, this difference will determine whether the student gets in. We recommend that you check the university websites for up-to-date information about the universities.

In general, the most popular and in-demand degree programmes tend to have a higher cut-off mark. This is assessed depending on several factors such as, for example, the number of places available, the average mark of the academic transcript, the demand for the degree, the mark obtained in the university entrance exams or the autonomous community where it is consulted. You can always use the previous year’s grades as a guide, although the final grades are published in July.

University careers with the highest cut-off marks

Andalucía was the region with the highest cut-off marks:

  1. Double Degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Seville, being the highest with 13.79.
  2. Basic and Experimental Biomedicine, with 13.591.
  3. Medicine, with a 13.540.
  4. Double Degree in Computer Technology and Mathematics, with 13.525.
  5. Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, with 13.495.

In Madrid, the highest was Medicine, with 13.426 at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Followed by the Complutense University with 13.408.

In Valencia, the highest was the Double Degree in Physics and Mathematics, with a score of 13.62. Followed by the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, with 13.50, both at the University of Valencia.

And in Barcelona, the Degree in Mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia stood out, with 13.254, followed by the Degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona, with 13.240.

University degrees with a lower cut-off mark

Other degrees are around 8, such as Psychology, Law, Communication, Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Criminology, Economics, Architecture, Culture, Language and Literature, Physiotherapy, among others.

There are also degrees with around a 7 or 6, such as Social Work, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Archaeology, English Studies, Biology, Accounting, among others.

And the degrees with the lowest marks of around 5 are Business Administration and Management, Economic Analysis or Performing Arts, among others.

What do you need to get the highest cut-off mark?

Whichever path you choose, the most important thing to get the best result is to find something that you are passionate about and that motivates you in the long term. It is also essential to consider your skills, interests and the job opportunities in the market. And finally, you need to enjoy the best time at university living on micampus – that’s for sure!

We are experts in providing residences in cities such as Sevilla, Burgos, Santander, Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Valencia, Alicante, etc. We make sure to offer you a welcoming home with everything you need to enjoy your university career both academically and personally.

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So, work as hard as you can to achieve your goals and pass the cut-off marks for the university courses you are interested in. When your university life begins, we’ll be by your side every step of the way – best of luck!

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