How, how, how? You still don't know what #micampusCLUB is? Well, we'll tell you! It is a service that you have for the simple fact of being a micampus resident. Yes, yes, as you hear, it's as simple as that.

micampus CLUB offers all our residents a wide variety of benefits ranging from medical consultations, nutritional plans, to personal follow-up, online training sessions, language classes, special discounts and raffles.

Going deeper, within micampus CLUB our students will be able to count on the following services:

  • micampus Health: this service promotes health care, medical attention and prevention protocols exclusively for our residents. It includes both disinfection and thorough cleaning of common areas and the availability of masks, gloves and gels for our residents; consultation system with a member of our medical team and excellent relations with the local health in case of needing specific treatments; and prevention protocols in case of the identification of any case of possible COVID19, including tests at our disposal and agreements with laboratories.
  • micampus Nutrition: with this service we promote the healthy performance and good nutrition of all our residents. In this way, we offer a system of consultations with a nutritionist of our team with whom you can request an appointment online whenever you want. Just for being part of micampus Club, you can ask for advice and dietary guidelines for a healthy university life. What are you waiting for?
  • micampus Sport: is another of our services that you can count on. Here we promote physical activity for our residents, which should also be combined with a good diet. In most of our centres we have equipped gyms with screens to use different training platforms.
  • micampus Learning: in order for students to make the most of their time at university, we offer this service to our residents. With it, you can improve your English in half the time and at the best price. For this reason, we offer online and face-to-face English classes, individually or in groups (maximum 8 people).
  • micampus Benefits: this is the last of the services and the one we know our residents will like the most. All of them have access to thousands of discounts on travel, restaurants, art, transport... Some of them are:
  • Number 16: from 5€ per hour (subject to groups of 8 people).
  • Virtual Gym: 20% discount on the platform with hundreds of exercises for all tastes.
  • Dribo: 10% discount to get your driving license.

With all these advantages that we have told you about, you are almost convinced, so you only have to ask for information in case you have any doubts.

We leave you here the mail:

And we are waiting for you at micampus to live the best university experience of your life with all these advantages!