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10 March 2022 | University life

Going on an Erasmus placement is one of the best experiences a university student can have. At micampus we encourage you to take up this opportunity, but first we’ll tell you what you should take into account, the importance of making the right choice and some of the best Erasmus destinations.

What factors must you take into account when taking part in the Erasmus programme?

  1. University: this is key as universities vary widely in terms of prestige, location, methodology, etc. We recommend that before you choose your Erasmus destination you investigate various universities you would like to attend to make sure they offer what you’re looking for and meet your expectations. That way you won’t get a nasty surprise when you arrive!
  2. Cost of living: this is another crucial factor and even more so at the moment. The cost of living in different Erasmus destinations can vary a great deal, so you should check you have the funds to cover the costs of living in your chosen destination.
  3. Language: if you’re interested in learning a specific language, choose a destination where this language is spoken. Many Erasmus students choose English-speaking destinations to learn or improve their English, but others decide to learn other languages. Dare to explore!
  4. Culture: when you travel with the Erasmus programme you will submerge yourself in the culture and traditions of the destination country, which will be a highly enriching experience which may even change your future.

The 7 best Erasmus destinations:

Some of the best Erasmus destinations are:

  • Destination 1: Bologna – Italy
    This city has one of the longest traditions of welcoming Erasmus students and is home to the oldest university in Europe: the University of Bologna. It’s one of the best Erasmus destinations in Europe for various reasons, including its excellent cuisine. Moreover, the quality of life is very similar to that in Spain and you’ll be close to cities such as Milan, Venice and Florence, which will allow you to explore the region.
  • Destination 2: Prague – Czech Republic
    Prague is one of the most popular Erasmus destinations because it has a great student atmosphere with many activities, trips and festivals. It’s also an affordable place to live with an international atmosphere, the ideal place to learn languages, and its location is excellent. Moreover, Charles University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Eastern Europe.
  • Destination 3: Coimbra – Portugal
    In Portugal, Coimbra is viewed as the university city par excellence, home not just to the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, but others as well. This city is relatively close to home for Spanish students, who also choose this destination because it’s affordable and somewhere you can find numerous special offers and discounts for students.
  • Destination 4: Montpellier – France
    Another neighbour country to Spain which is home to one of the best Erasmus destinations is France. The small city of Montpellier has been growing in popularity among Spanish students. From there it’s easy to visit other cities such as Toulouse, Marseille or Bordeaux. Its affordable prices and many gardens and terraces make it an enjoyable place to live.
  • Destination 5: Krakow – Poland
    Krakow is one of the most popular Erasmus destinations in Europe because of its student atmosphere. If offers a wide variety of cultural activities and you can enjoy events and festivals almost all year round. The only downside is that it’s more expensive to live there than in some of the other cities on this list.
  • Destination 6: Amsterdam – Holland
    Amsterdam is chosen by thousands of Erasmus students because of the quality of life it offers and how easy it is to meet people there thanks to the continuous celebration of festivals and events. Although the city is visited by millions of tourists, Amsterdam feels like a small, cosy place.
  • Destination 7: Cardiff – Wales
    The last of the best Erasmus destinations we recommend is Cardiff, where more than half of the population are students, which means the activity of the city revolves around them. As with Krakow, life in Cardiff is more expensive than in Spain.

These are some of the best Erasmus destinations but there are many more. You should choose the one which best suits you, taking into account the factors we have already mentioned. At micampus we encourage you to take part in an unforgettable Erasmus experience!

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