How to organize your study time at university

12 March 2023 | University life

Organizing your study time is very important if you want to achieve the best academic results while still being able to fulfil your other daily responsibilities and take part in extracurricular activities. This is why it’s important to know where and how to invest your time.

In this article we’ll tell you how to better organize your study time and give you some tips so you can feel productive and efficient.

Keep reading to find out how to optimize your study time, including how to prioritize your tasks and work out when you are most productive.

Why is it important to organize my study time?

Proper time management will allow you to do more with less effort, and this is what we want you to achieve. You should feel productive, not worn out. Moreover, when you learn to manage your time, you will be able to concentrate better and for longer, and when this becomes a habit, your use of time will become more efficient.

Managing your time will allow you to complete more tasks in less time, with greater focus and speed, making your daily life much more efficient.

To help you master your time and know how to always invest it where you need to, here are some tips:

Create a study routine

Establishing a study routine is very important and if it’s a daily routine, even better. Take into account that everyone has different biorhythms and this means some people are more productive in the morning while others work better in the afternoon or even at night. Once you know when the best time is for you to study, it’s a good idea to get into a daily study habit and use a number of study techniques.

Plan rest periods and fun activities

Constant study can lead to exhaustion and everyone needs to rest and disconnect by having fun. However, problems can arise when you start to extend your rest and leisure periods.

This is why it’s important to organize your time, programming rest periods as well as study sessions.

Study in the right place

The place where you study should make concentrating easier. It’s important to avoid distractions which is why choosing the right place to study is key.

The best place to study is a library, but different people have different preferences and habits, and there are many people who usually study in their own rooms who are also productive.

Have a calendar

This is a very simple step, but many people don’t have a diary or calendar even though it’s very helpful when it comes to remembering deadlines and submission and exam dates, and knowing how much time you have left to study.


The attitude with which you approach studying is critical if you are to be successful. When it comes to studying, willpower and remaining motivated will help you reach your goals. You can find motivation to study by following some simple tips.

Avoid interruptions

If you prefer to study at home, remember you shouldn’t interrupt your work while you are focused. If you prefer to study in the library, remember you have chosen to go there to get away from distractions and not to waste time.

We hope these tips help you to organize your time, be more productive and reach your goals.

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