Employability rate of university education

According to data from the Observatorio de las Ocupaciones del Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SEPE), the employability rate of university education is 38.5%. Within Europe, Spain is among the countries with the highest percentage of university graduates. 

Specifically, 47.4% of Spaniards aged 25-34 had higher education last year, which is above the European average of 40.5%, according to data obtained from the National Statistics Institute (INE). 

University careers with the best job opportunities

The university degrees with the most opportunities are those related to administrative management, health, industrial activities and education. All of them have a high rate of job placement, in addition to studies related to new technologies and digital tools. 


Thus, according to the 2020 Adecco and Infoempleo report, we find ourselves with the top 6 careers with the most job opportunities:

1. Business Administration and Management (ADE)

It has been one of the careers with the most job opportunities for years, offering a wide range of opportunities. It is one of the most required positions by companies as it is responsible for the management of internal operations and relations with the markets, which is fundamental. 

2. Nursing and Medicine

They are another of the university degrees with more outlets as more and more professionals are required in the health sector and this is due to the fact that life expectancy has lengthened and the pandemic situation we have experienced. Therefore, both university degrees play a very important role. 

3. Industrial engineering

This university course receives 3.5% of the total number of job offers and continues to grow steadily.

4. Labour Sciences, Industrial Relations and Human Resources

The labour market is in continuous transformation, and for this reason, one of the university degrees with the most opportunities is Labour Sciences, Labour Relations and Human Resources. We are looking for ways in which the employment modalities can coexist with the new environments. 

5. Computer Engineering

It is another of the careers with more outlets and with greater relevance in the labour market, increasing year after year its multidisciplinarity and types of specialisations. It is a sector that is clearly on the rise, specifically the software development sector. Companies increasingly require developers due to the growth of the Internet. 

6. Trade and Marketing

Commerce and Marketing are other university degrees with more outlets as the digital sphere is continually transforming this area of work, which has meant that the sector has had to be redefined. This leads to the use of new tools, jobs and job opportunities. 

Career opportunities or vocation: which should take precedence?

After finding out which degree programmes have the most job opportunities, the question always remains as to whether it is better to study for vocation or for employment. At micampus we think that it is best to study for vocation, as it is important to work in the future in what we like, not only because we will be happier, but also because we will be more motivated and have a greater chance of success. 

It is important that you take the time to find out what you really like. If you choose to study for your vocation, you will enjoy a rewarding experience as you will study something that really enriches you as a person and you will meet people with the same professional interests as you. That is why micampus encourages you to do so.