5 reasons to live in a university residence

15 December 2022 | University life

Will you soon be starting at university and you’re wondering if you should live in a student residence or not? Go ahead, it’s a great idea and this post will explain why you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to choosing this option.

University life can be difficult and there will be a period of adjustment during which you’ll have to adapt to living outside your comfort zone, away from your family and friends. But although it may take you some time to get used to your new situation, living in a residence is a good option to help you with this transition.

We’ll explain the reasons why choosing to live in a student residence will help your personal growth as you process the experiences you’ll have while living away from home.


Living in a student residence is a step towards the experience of living on your own. The responsibilities are different to those you’d have if you were living in an apartment, but you will have to adapt to new routines which you wouldn’t have to follow at home.

This new independence can also be daunting, but you have to remember that in the residence there are lots of other people who are in the same situation as you. Your experience will be similar to that of everyone else and you can support and help each other.

Extracurricular activities

This reason for choosing to live in a student residence is engaging and fun and it’ll help you to bond with other residents quickly. Why? Because no day will be the same as the one before and you will always have reasons to take a break from your routine and learn something new.

Taking part in extracurricular activities will also allow you to meet more people and access new experiences such as learning to cook, meditate, draw, etc.

Personal growth

Going to university, together with deciding to live in a residence for the years you’re studying, will change your life forever. You will be getting closer to the world of work, and you will grow as a person, paving the way towards what you want and who you are.

You will finish building your personality and create many relationships. This is why living independently in a community will help you to continue to grow and mature.


This is a key point because starting university is the beginning of a long path which will take you closer to the world of work and this can cause anxiety, which is why we want to stress this point.

If you decide to live in a residence you will be surrounded by people from different universities, cities and countries with whom you can talk about your future career and create you first network of contacts focused on the first steps of your job search.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your fellow residents and take an interest in their choices. In this way you will begin to create professional links so you can combine your time at university with a first job or connect with people who understand your aspirations and can give you an alternative point of view.

Concentration on academic responsibilities

The change from high school to university is enormous, and depending on the degree and the number of subjects you are taking, the difference can be even greater.

If you want to focus on your degree and the responsibilities that come with it, living in a student residence is the best choice for you as you’ll have the space to get organized and create a routine which will allow you to focus 100%.

We hope this article has helped convince you that living in a university residence is a great option and we invite you to visit the micampus website where you will find more information about micampus residences all across Spain.

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