University degrees with the best job prospects in 2022

22 October 2021 | University life

University graduate employment rates

According to data from the Occupations Observatory of the Spanish Public Employment Service (SEPE), the university graduate employment rate in Spain is 38.5%. In Europe, Spain is one of the countries with the highest percentage of university graduates.

Specifically, 47.4% of Spaniards aged 25 to 34 last year were university graduates, which is above the European average of 40.5%, according to data obtained from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE).

University degrees with the best job prospects

The university degrees with the best job prospects are those related to administration and management, health, industrial activities and education. A high percentage of graduates from all these fields find jobs, as well as students of subjects related to new technologies and digital tools.

According to a 2020 report from Adecco and Infoempleo, these are the 6 degrees with the best job prospects:

  1. Business Administration and Management (ADE)
    This degree has offered graduates some of the best job prospects for years, allowing them to access a wide variety of careers. Companies need employees with these qualifications to manage the internal running of their businesses and their relationships with markets.
  2. Nursing and Medicine
    These are more degrees with great job prospects as the Spanish health sector is in constant need of more workers to deal with an ageing population and the after-effects of the pandemic.
  3. Industrial Engineering
    Graduates from this discipline receive 3.5% of all job offers in Spain and this percentage keeps growing.
  4. Labour Sciences, Employment Relations and Human Resources
    The labour market is constantly changing as companies look for ways in which different types of employment can flourish in new environments. This is why graduates with degrees in the disciplines of Labour Sciences, Employment Relations and Human Resources are in high demand among employers.
  5. Computer Engineering
    This is another of the degrees which gives its graduates excellent job prospects and, because it is increasingly in demand in the labour market, year on year more multidisciplinary and specialist courses are on offer. This is a growth sector, with particularly marked expansion in the field of software development. Increasingly, companies need developers due to the growth of the internet.
  6. Business and Marketing
    Business and Marketing graduates are also highly employable as the online space is continually transforming this field of work, which has led to a redefinition of the sector. This involves the use of new tools and the creation of new jobs and job opportunities.

Job opportunities or vocation: which is more important?

Having run through the degrees which give graduates in Spain the best job prospects, the question remains: what is more important, choosing a degree based on vocation or because of the job opportunities it will give you? At micampus we think the best thing is to choose a degree based on your vocation as it’s important to eventually enter a job you will enjoy. This will make you happier and you’ll also be a more motivated worker with greater chances of career success.

It’s important you take your time to find out what it is you want to do. If your degree choice is guided by vocation you will enjoy your time at university as you will be studying something which truly enriches you as a person and you will meet people with similar professional interests to yours. This is why, at micampus we encourage you to follow your passion.

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