The SICUE program and Séneca grant: how do I apply for them?

09 February 2023 | Grants

What is the SICUE program?

The SICUE program (Sistema de Intercambio entre Centros Universitarios de España) is a mobility program for students in the first and second years of their degree studies to allow them to take part in exchanges with other universities in Spain, gaining recognition for their studies at another institution and being able to put participation in the program on their CV in the future.

Students can apply to this program in the same way they would apply for an Erasmus grant. The only difference between the programs is that SICUE is for students wishing to study within the Spanish university system, while Erasmus gives students the opportunity to study overseas.

What is a Séneca grant?

As we said above, the SICUE program involves the validation of academic credits earned at another Spanish university. And, to help students take part in the exchange program, they have the option to apply for a Séneca grant, which gives the student a certain amount of financial assistance if they meet a list of criteria.

This grant exists because the SICUE program itself does not offer students who wish to take part in it any financial assistance. To obtain the grant you must be a university student enrolled in a Spanish university, because the program was created by the Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas.

Students can apply for a grant for a minimum of half an academic year and up to a maximum of one full academic year.

Criteria to apply for the grant

The SICUE program stipulates that the exchange can take place once various criteria have been met:

  • You must be enrolled in a Spanish university.
  • It must be the first time you have applied for the grant.
  • You must have obtained at least 45 academic credits and be enrolled in courses worth at least another 30 credits.
  • You must also take into account the specific requirements of each university from which you are applying to the program and for the grant.
  • You cannot apply to join the program if you are studying a one-year master’s degree or for a doctorate.
  • Finally, you must have enrolled for at least 45 credits in a full academic year or 24 credits for a half year: these are the maximum and minimum periods for which you can take part in the program. However, if a student has a disability equal to or above 65%, they can enroll for 24 credits for a full academic year or 12 credits for a six-month period.

How can I apply for a Séneca grant?

The application period for this grant tends to open at the start of the calendar year. For example, this year, the application period is from 13 to 27 February 2023. Keeping these dates in mind, we’ll now explain to you how to apply for the grant.

To apply for the grant, students must submit their application to the university where they are currently studying, following that university’s procedures.

If the university doesn’t have a specific set of procedures, students interested in applying for this grant and to take part in the SICUE program can download an application form from the CRUE website, fill it in and hand it in to their university’s mobility office. Then an evaluating committee will check whether candidates meet the criteria to take part in the program and classify applications depending on their average scores.

The available places will be distributed according to the candidate’s scores and only the number of places stipulated in the bilateral agreements between universities will be assigned.

We hope this article has given you all the information you need to be able to apply for both the SICUE program and the Séneca grant.

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