Academic excellence grants: eligibility criteria and how to apply for them

12 April 2022 | Grants

At micampus we have already explained the types of grants that universities offer, so today we are going to go into detail about how to apply for academic excellence grants at your university.

What are academic excellence grants?

Academic excellence grants are those whose objective is to facilitate the university studies of students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance in the studies which grant access to the in-person official bachelor’s degrees offered by the university.

How to apply for a university grant

To apply for an academic excellence grant you have to visit the official website of the university from which you are going to request the grant. You can complete the process online, so you don’t have to visit the university in person. To help, we will also tell you about the application deadlines and eligibility criteria to apply for this grant.

  • Application deadlines for the academic excellence grant
    For the 21-22 academic year, the period in which you could apply for an academic excellence grant was from 13 January to 2 February 2022. At micampus, we recommend that at the start of the academic year you find out the dates which correspond to your course as they can vary slightly and we don’t want you to get caught out.
  • Eligibility criteria for academic excellence grant applications
    There are two sets of circumstances under which you can apply for the academic excellence grant depending on whether you are a new student at the university or if you are continuing with your studies. Each Autonomous Region of Spain has their own eligibility criteria, which you should check, but we can give you some general guidance:

    • If you are in your first year of university and want to apply for the academic excellence grant, they will take into account the average grade from your high school baccalaureate (bachillerato) and your university entrance exams grade, which is usually between 12 and 12.5 points, depending on your studies.
    • If you are continuing your university studies and want to apply for the academic excellence grant, the average grade required will vary depending on the course you are studying and the Autonomous Region you are studying in.

    Generally, and as a guide, the average grade required is between 8 and 9 and tends to be higher for humanities and social science courses and lower for technical qualifications and those in the health sector. We recommend you ask the university you want to attend or where you are already studying what grade they require for your course, as it can vary.

  • Value of the academic excellent grant
    The value of the academic excellence grant tends to be between €50 and €125 depending on the grades obtained by the applicant.

If you want to apply for this grant, at micampus we recommend that you look out for news being published about them and the application criteria which vary depending on the Autonomous Region of Spain you are in.

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