Micampus UPO (Sevilla), a residence with “un color especial”

21 July 2021 | Residences

If you’re a student who loves sunshine and good weather, we have the perfect residence for you: micampus Sevilla UPO. In addition to good weather, in Seville you can also enjoy the great beauty of the city which is a combination of Christian and Arab culture. It’s stunning.

The addition of the camaraderie you will get from living in a student residence in Seville to this incomparable setting will mean you get the most from your university experience. As a micampus resident, you can choose a single, double or triple room, depending on whether you’d like to share a space with one or two roommates, or if you’d prefer to be alone. We always adapt to you. Moreover, all our rooms have a kitchen and bathroom. What more could you ask for? That it’s next to the university? Well ask away, because the residence is located on the Pablo de Olavide campus itself. You’ll be a few steps from the university which means you’ll have no excuse for missing class. And we are the only residence in Seville which offers student accommodation on the campus.

Not only will you have your own, fully-equipped room in an excellent location, but our facilities also have study rooms, leisure areas, a laundry room and parking for cars and bikes. This means you can enjoy the independence offered by a student apartment but with all the amenities you need for your time at university.

As the song says, Seville has “un color especial”, and the city will be even more colourful if you come to join us in micampus UPO. If you need further convincing, here’s a video so you can see what living in our university residence is like. And, if you would like any more information, please contact us by:

Email: celestinomutis@micampusliving.com.
Telephone: +34 954 298 490 / +34 627 277 797.

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