Studying in Barcelona: Reasons to live in Barcelona while you study

25 January 2023 | Residences

Together with Granada and Salamanca, Barcelona is one of the most popular cities among university students. It always appears at the top of lists of favourite university towns and this makes sense because it’s a cosmopolitan city where doors open very easily.

Barcelona has good weather and is one of the few major cities in Spain on the coast which is an advantage and a good incentive if you’re trying to decide between living in Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, it also has some of the best business schools in the world which makes it attractive to many people starting their university studies.

There are many people who, when they’ve made the decision to leave their comfort zone to live in Barcelona and start on a new path, want to focus on their studies but without neglecting the opportunity to enjoy what their destination city has to offer. Barcelona is one of the places where you can achieve the perfect mix of studying and leisure.

If you’re not ready to make this journey alone, the option of staying in a student residence in Barcelona is an ideal start and the micampus residence in Barcelona is in one of the best areas in the city.

In this post we’ll give you various reasons why living in Barcelona while studying at university is a fantastic option.


This city is home to around 700,000 foreigners. This means that when international students arrive in Barcelona they are able to integrate quickly thanks to the existing diversity of nationalities in the city.

Prestigious university

The city has a long university tradition and the Universidad de Barcelona is among the 100 best universities in the world, offering practical approaches to improve subsequent access to the world of work. It has innovative classes and resources and offers fantastic quality in its academic courses.

Barcelona’s weather

Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate means that the temperature is mild all year round. You can enjoy this great weather both on the beach or in the mountains.

Technology hub

Barcelona is also ideal because it is home to an ever-increasing number of technology start-ups and businesses which makes it a good place for technology and innovation. If you want to study engineering in Barcelona or work in the digital sector, this is your city.

You can study in Barcelona as a university student and develop your professional career while living in a residence such as that offered by micampus. Visit our website to find all the information you need! Barcelona awaits you!

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