What are university scholarships?

University grants consist of aid to finance studies offered to students by an organisation or entity. This financial aid can be used for compulsory or post-compulsory studies and is granted if the student meets a series of requirements established in the call for applications. 

These university grants allow students to study at no cost or at a lower cost. In order to be eligible for them, students must meet the requirements set out in each call for applications and, in addition, submit all the required documentation by the deadline indicated. 

Each organisation that awards university scholarships has specific requirements that can be consulted on its website, as well as the period to start processing your application and the documentation you need to provide in order to apply for this university scholarship. 

Main types of university grants

It is important to note that there are different types of grants available to students from different organisations or entities. The main ones include:

- Tuition or access grants

This type of scholarship for university students is used to cover the basic costs involved in going to university and refers to the cost of the university entrance fees and the credits for each of the courses. This university grant can be private or with public money and must be applied for every year. The requirements for this scholarship demand that the student passes a minimum number of credits and meets certain economic standards. 

- Residence or mobility grants

There is a slight difference between these two types of student grants. While residence grants cover, partially or fully, the living expenses of students who have to move to another city in order to study, mobility grants are given to students who are going to participate in an academic mobility programme, which can be either national or international. One of the examples of this type of study grant is the Erasmus programme. 

- Income-related grants

This type of university grant depends on the income level of your family unit. This grant depends on what is stipulated in the rules, but it is usually around €1,600. 

- Scholarships for academic excellence

Grants for academic excellence are awarded to students with a good academic record and can vary between €25 and €125 depending on the marks obtained during the course. 

- Research grants

Research grants are a type of university scholarship that are usually linked to funding from companies that aim to support students to develop specific programmes, research in specific fields or theses. Some of them are of great international prestige.

- Practical training grants

This type of scholarship for university students is offered by some companies or organisations with the aim of allowing students to carry out a specific period of work experience in their company or institution.